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Employee Donation Campaign 

Reaches $35,000 

The owners of Celltech are excited to announce that the TEAM CELLTECH CARES  Employee Donation Campaign recently reached a new milestone: $35,000. 

The fund, established in 2015, allows employees to voluntarily donate $5 per week  toward the campaign. Reaching the $35,000 level equates to 7000 weekly employee  donations. 

"We are elated to share this news about the generosity of Celltech employees,” says  Celltech owner Katrina Wellman. “This is their accomplishment. We are so proud and  honored by them reaching this significant milestone.” 

Wellman explains, "It’s a great example of how a small weekly donation can grow over  time and make a real difference.” 

TEAM CELLTECH CARES donations have been distributed at various times to a number  of local not for profit organizations since the campaign’s inception.

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Jennifer Wingerter, QMG Benevolence Specialist; Morgan Parker, QMG Director of Community Relations; Sarah Wellman, Celltech VP Operations; Katrina Wellman, Celltech owner.

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Katrina Wellman, Celltech owner; Sarah Wellman, Celltech VP Operations; Dawn Herzog, Blessing Breast Center Manager.

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